Here, along in wide gait stroll

To a favourite watering hole

Sporting Perry and Badged holdall

Saxone brogues scarce under control

Holding a torch for his Northern Soul.

Hoping he can have it all.


Vinyl from a different age.

A rhythm that escaped its cage

Exhumed, imported all the rage

3 minutes for your weekly wage

A beat to let your heart engage

With moves enacted centre stage


To the scene with new soul mate

A mecca to visit and recreate

The heat from the beat as dex dilate

Since the birth of the “wheel” ‘til the 3 before 8

They dance to a new attrition rate

That four decades accentuate.


No tail feathers shaken in full bloom

No backdrops like the highland room

No syncopated catacomb

No smoke filled civic hall ballroom

No Local club scant elbowroom

Now weekenders the faith assume.

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