Me and a bit of my Tree.


Peter William Bamford.

Born in Queens Park Hospital, Blackburn, Lancashire in 1955.

The middle child of five.

Educated in the part of town where most of my "leaves" are scattered.

Apprenticed in t'mill to become a "Tackler".

Later working as a "Fitter" for "Mullards" as it's known even to this day.

Latterly, a Civil Servant, not naked by the way!    Now, hoping to spend more time writing, digging and hopefully helping others on the same trail as me.


Well, as mentioned, it was the “Greek” link that first lured me into family research, even though I actually started with my Dad.


A great grandfather on my mothers side “Apostolo” who I eventually found with extreme difficulty in census records.

Those of which gave me little further info.

I now know his father’s name from a marriage certificate.

The name of a ship he served aboard as a mariner, the “Jersey City”

His wife and children, including my "Nan" from census records and various certificates. And after he “disappeared” from records and the family was scattered, the detail of his sad demise again from a death certificate.









I have discovered Stonemasons, Weavers, Winders, Soldiers and Sailors in my past.

I also checked out some of the relatives that Dad told me stories of when I was a lad.


A 1st cousin 2x removed who could jump over a Hanson cab, a horse and even the canal whilst touching the water half way?


 John “Jumping Jack” Higgins born in Blackburn 1872 became “world champion jumper” and toured theatres, circuses and a variety of venues at home and abroad.

 Apparently dying penniless in the USA, but although I found details of travel to America and other countries to perform, I have not yet confirmed his date or place of death.


Another 1st cousin 2x removed who was an FA Cup winner with Burnley on 25th April 1914.

Tommy Bamford born in Horwich 1886 but lived, married and died in Blackburn in 1944.


Being a lifelong “Rovers” fan it makes him a bit of a “black sheep”

I obviously never met the man but Tommy’s younger sister Winnie used to "mind" my youngest sister for a time.

Where the medal is today, I know not.


During my "Fossicking" I have found Military records of my ancestors, Prison and Court records too.

Family that lived and died in the workhouse.

Family that crossed oceans to find a new life and others who spent generations within the confines of a few streets.

 Searching family history is definitely seductive and addictive, but ultimately very rewarding.

 It gives us a feel for and a connection to history.

 An insight into the lives of mostly ordinary folk who farmed, built, mined, wove, fought, spun, sailed, bought, sold, served, entertained, loved, lost strived and even stole to make a living in a world far more unforgiving than the one we inhabit today.


I sincerely hope you enjoy the trip….I still do.


This website is a labour of love.

An amalgam of memories.

A love of the family who made me and the tales they shared.

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